Tuesday, March 31, 2009

oh! men vs women!

ooooooh! this i sooooo love!

this is a re-post from a favorite blog of mine, ohlalamag.com.



Why is Eva Longoria throwing Tony Parker's running shows in the Canyon from their Hollywood Hills mansion !?


Don't worry it's all good between those two, Eva just wanted to help women to win the Nike Plus Challenge 
bien sur! Unless Eva Longoria is running with her high heel shoes then I don't get why Tony Parker through them out of the window too ... Come on Tony you gotta to stop her from running not shopping on Rodeo Drive ;-)

This European marketing campaign 'Men vs Women Challenge' starting on March 13 and ending on April 20 is the world’s largest running club Nike Plus will register the kilometers of men and women who join an official Men vs. Women online running challenge using the Nike+ system.


Launched in 2006,
Nike+ allows Nike+ running shoes to transmit data wirelessly to an iPod nano, an iPod touch or Nike+ SportBand. Information on time, distance, pace and calories burned during a run.


The Men vs. Women campaign features a television ad that star Roger Federer, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Tony Parker and Eva Longoria Parker, Paula Radcliffe, Sofia Boutella and Fernando Torres.

View photos from the campaign and the making of the campaign HERE.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

i'm 109 versus 1,313

i looooove it!

i'm in the 109th place over 1,313 10K runners this condura run 2009!!! my target was to be in the top 100, or at least in the top 10 percent, but it's okay. i'm so happy! 

And congratulations to my friends who ran as well, you know who you are. 

Sunday, March 22, 2009

my run on 22-mar-2009

stiffness in my legs makes me walk funny today... i can't use my salon pas at the office, so advil is my bestfriend for now. wish i had a massage yesterday, it ought to lessen the muscle stiffness i'm having now...

but it was worth it!

i didn't run the 21K skyway run, but the 10K route passing through the the fort-edsa-buendia flyover was the nearest i got to the skies. i'm so happy i did that.

my misses:
  • forgetting to put adhesive bandage on my right sole, resulting to a blister from my shoe... it was quite painful at the 7th km onwards
  • always training on flatlands, resulting to difficulty in ascending the flyover at buendia
  • not winning on any of the door prizes (kahet 1000-php Nike GC man lang...)
so worth it:
  • running so free and adrenaline pumping
  • seeing the dawning metro manila sun on top of the flyover
  • meeting a couple of dogs doing the 5K (they even have turn-point ribbons with them!!!)
  • feeling so proud to those who did the 21K (one day, i'm gonna do the same!)
  • wearing super-duper short running shorts (see photo below)! haha! alavet!

my purchases at nike outlet at sta. rosa laguna the day prior the race... more gear! alavet more!

a couple of nike running shorts for 300php each!

nike hydration belt for spring '07 it costs 1800 at nike stores by half the price at the outlet

shoe wallet on runs where my shorts doesn't have a pocket... only php303

yay! what i wore for condura run

Thursday, March 19, 2009

he's cute, isn't he?

just wanna share chris hughes...

sure, he's facebook's co-founder, so young... a brilliant offspring of hardvard, he helped barack obama's online campaign. he's just 25 y/o (a year older than i am  )  but he's accomplished a lot. he was just featured in fast company. but i'm proud to say, that he's out and proud as well, according to valleywag.

see a video of him below:


but... a big BUT! i think multiply's ceo and co-founder peter pezaris and vp and co-founder dave hersh are waaaaaay hotter than chris hughes. 

my run last 18-mar-2009

as i get ready for the condura 10K, i ran for 10K this morning...

been very busy with work. sheeesh.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

my run on 15-mar-2009: at Tagaytay!

it's pay-day weekend!!!

we were off to Tagaytay, and we did an almost 10K run. saraaaaap! the hills gave me my much needed leg-work. it was an exhilirating first time! there was heavy drizzling while we were running. plus, the tagaytay winds were quite strong. i think my sweat dried off as soon as they left my pores. it was also my first time to encounter fog all over the place! running with full moon at the baywalk just came in second compared to the captivating view of Taal Lake! we hope to run at Tagaytay at least once a month. 

i'm soooo ready for the condura run!

after a quick jolibee breakfast, i bought a rose cactus for 50-bucks only at a nearby garden. the ate said it's watered once a week only, so i think this one's perfect for me. i fell in love with its green-ish leaves arranged as rose petals. the ate also said that it grow babies with it's offsprings having their own roots. i'll have to look for a shallow yet wide clay pot for this one. let us see in a few months if i have the green-thumb like my nanay and my mamang does.

i could have gotten a bonsai too, but my place at the office is nowhere near a window/sunlight. maintaining it maybe difficult at this time. 

Thursday, March 12, 2009

my run on 12-mar-2009

the moon was quite high and so full, even at 5:30 in the morning.

it was a peaceful, serene run. the moon reminded me of how lucky i am to be alive. and how lucky i am to be so blessed with family and friends. and how lucky i am to love and be loved in return. and how lucky i am to get through each day and wake up to another. and how lucky i am to be guided by Him.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


... is my theme for today, and for the rest of Mondays to come. come to think of it, most of us dread mondays. it's the thought of going back to work, or school, that makes us want to avoid mondays. ambilis palagi nang weekend.  

and 'cause i didn't run earlier. i actually woke up at the sound of my alarm, but chose to ignore it. i'll run tomorrow instead.

and to all who're in-, i'm dedicating a song tp all of you. i placed my iTunes in shuffle-mode and this came up. it's from Disney's animated movie, Hercules. i bought the movie's soundtrack when i was in grade-6. then my sister took it from me. it never came back... this is my favorite song-- #2 lang si Go The Distance.

and this also goes to Lance-- who's telling his own fairytale in his blog as i was doing my daily blog roll... Oi, Lance, tulala ka palagi sa gym.

Friday, March 6, 2009

my run on 07-mar-2009

wooooooot! had a 9.5KM run this morning... and i feeeeel geeewd!

i had the same route like last saturday. only this time, i extended my run all the way to luneta park. i also didn't stop when i was at ccp. i went all the way to buendia/roxas blvd and started to slow down at the department of foreign affairs area.

as i bade bye-bye to jose's home, i went for a much needed hydration break at a nearby 7-11 along UN Ave. i went in to buy a drink, then off i go again! i wasn't able to buy a hydration pack pa. nike's hydration waist pack is so darn expensive, so i might settle for mizuno's endurabelt lite for now.

i saw jamie earlier! he tweet-ed that he'll be running daw. keep it up jamie! ang aga mo at ang haba na nang tinakbo mo!

yun lang pow... 

Thursday, March 5, 2009

i'm running for whale sharks and for the operation smile


That's the caption in my Condura Run shirt, along with my race bib for the upcoming race, which i received last night. In short, i had myself registered and i got my race pack already. Yesiree! I'm officially running for 10K this coming Mar-22.  

All runners get 10% discount at Nike Park stores in Manila.

And i threw in 100php more to donate to Operation Smile, mabuti na lang I read TakboPH's site entry before i registered. Those you donated can proudly were a 2nd bib during the race. I'm doing so! :-)

To those who haven't registered, and are planning to, let's run for a good cause (or two!) this coming 22nd of March. Cheers! 

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

my run on 05-mar-2009

as i prepare myself for the Condura Run on mar-22, i'm doing longer runs now to build endurance and stamina. it's usually on an easy pace, between 5'30"-6'30"/km... 

i ran a new route as well, so the change of scenery helped a lot. i took the osmena highway to vito cruz extension, then turned right to ayala ave extension and finished the run around salcedo village. alternative and r&b music from the hives, metro station, boys like girls and lady gaga stayed with me throughout the run.

so far, so good --i might say. i want to run an easy pace 9 to 10K this coming saturday. i'm sooooo looking forward to that!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

binondo food trip!

super sarap the food and the company, what more can you ask for? 

thanks blogger friends: MGG, McVie, Eug, MrHubs, AJ, LobsterTony, Jamie, JayBeeCC, and JohnStan! Especially thanks to Jamie and Eug who knows Binondo to the max; MGG for the video-diary; JohnStan for the lunch-treat and Eug and MrHubs for the ride back home in Makati.

Sa uulitin!  

my run on 02-mar-2009

i had an easy run early this morning. it was quickie as i had to rush to the office. i have somewhere to go pa kasi after office. 

run with me some more!

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