Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Lamppost shows you the Way, Truth and Life

The Lamppost - The name of this room that could locate the Island is an allusion to the lamppost in 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' by C.S. Lewis. The lamppost in Lewis' novel lead was landmark that showed the children how to get back to their world. --TV.COM/Lost

WARNING: Lost spoilers and an entry that talks about religion and morals.

The Lamppost showed Ben and Jack how to go back to the Island. The latest episode surely had me on the edge of my seat, (or the edge of my bed!). A lot of questions were answered in this episode. Like how John Locke died from Season4, how the Oceanic6 was able to go back to the Island. But a lot of questions were also posed after 41-minutes and 45-seconds of Episode 6. Questions like where's Baby (well, now a toddler) Aaron, why is Sayid in handcuffs on the way to Guam, who and what was the significance of that Mid-Eastern guy... Tsk tsk! They considered the Island as considered a sacred, mysterious place that draws them together, whatever their differences are.

Well, yesterday, I had re-discouvered my own sort of Lamppost. It has been my Lamppost since I was small, but over the past few years I forgot I had one. It was a constant, always-there figure in my life, but until one seeks it's refuge, one wouldn't bother going to the Lamppost. I'm talking about Church. And yes, I attended yesterday's services at 1030am at the Greenbelt Chapel.

I consider the Church as a "safe" place. I remember when I was small, my whole family would attend the Sunday 8-am mass. Rain or shine, we should all dress-up and proceed to the nearby Church. I'd attend without hesitation. I'm happy going to Church. But lately though, as I grow up, I took on a few principles on living life-- that somehow contradicts the Church. That is when my Church attendance trickled to twice a month, then once a month. Until lately, I attended only during special occassions like Christmas or my birthday. I think i mentioned that in my previous post about Bare: the musical.

I felt peaceful and safe yesterday. Even if it's summer-y already, I didn't bother the warm weather. There was a bit of breeze anyway. I was a bit late actually, I arrived during the Responsorial Psalm. I somehow listened through the Celebrant's Homily, but my mind was more of thinking what he's talking about. I was surprised to still remember the responses! I was alone but YES, i felt peaceful and safe!

I want to do it again next Sunday, and the Sundays that follow.

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