Sunday, August 9, 2009

route map for kenny's urbanite run!

after a loooooooooong wait, and three (3) delays, the kenny's urbanite run routes are now live!

download the route/s below:
thankfully, the 15k route isn't paikot-ikot which can be mentally tiring. there are steep ascends/descends at the 11km point. see map below. that's the mckinly hill part for those who're not familiar.

remember, you still have until august 11 (that's tomorrow!) to register for the urbanite run. for 600php, you can eat a meal from kenny's, run on aug 15 and donate to charity.

see you on saturday night on Urbanite!

my run on 10-aug-2009

still wearing my lunar glides. third run ever since.

there's a slight pain in the soles of my feet, maybe due to my sudden increase of mileage last saturday. it was gone after the warm-up and stretching after 2plus kms. i tightened my laces too.

for runners out there, how tight do you tie your laces? do share your thoughts below.

run with me some more!

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