Friday, July 10, 2009

oh-em-gee. it's out. nike lunar glide+ will you be mine?

i visited nike at boni high street earlier, and guess who (technically, what) i saw!?!?

theeeeeeee one, and theeeeeee only---- mister lunar glides+!!! (let us call him LG for short. gossip girl na gossip girl.)


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saw the tag!!! it's at 5,495php!!! 500bucks cheaper than what i originally thought it was going to be. it's available only at nike park glorietta 4 and at the flagship store at bonifacio high street. the nice (cute too!) sales guy told me they have only a total of 24 pairs in their store, a combination of men's and women's sizes. ka-looooowka! what will i do? where will i score 5-kyaw for this? huhuhu oh benefactor, where art thou? i will practically do anything (well, not everything) to get my hands on this pair. ha-haaaaay...

sana the heavens will heed my call. pramis, last na toh.

afterwards, met up blogger-runners mr @theo0629 (finally!) with @jamiedavinci and @outednarnian, and bloggers @mcvie and @misterheuge, at coffee bean and tea leaf. i had fun. i really enjoyed the night. thanks for the company!

p.s. theo0629, jamiedavinci and outednarnian don't forget. it's a date on aug15, at kenny's urbanite run ha.

run with me some more!

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