Monday, August 10, 2009

running: quote from gatorade

You have a choice. You can throw in the towel, or you can use it to wipe the sweat off of your face.

-Gatorade Ad

Now, if only i'm as sexy as him while wiping my sweat. Noh?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

route map for kenny's urbanite run!

after a loooooooooong wait, and three (3) delays, the kenny's urbanite run routes are now live!

download the route/s below:
thankfully, the 15k route isn't paikot-ikot which can be mentally tiring. there are steep ascends/descends at the 11km point. see map below. that's the mckinly hill part for those who're not familiar.

remember, you still have until august 11 (that's tomorrow!) to register for the urbanite run. for 600php, you can eat a meal from kenny's, run on aug 15 and donate to charity.

see you on saturday night on Urbanite!

my run on 10-aug-2009

still wearing my lunar glides. third run ever since.

there's a slight pain in the soles of my feet, maybe due to my sudden increase of mileage last saturday. it was gone after the warm-up and stretching after 2plus kms. i tightened my laces too.

for runners out there, how tight do you tie your laces? do share your thoughts below.

Friday, August 7, 2009

nike lunar glide review and my practice run on 08-aug-2009

i bought the nike lunar glides a few of days ago, where after two days of rain, i just had to break my new kicks. but that wasn't as fulfilling as running earlier today. i had my practice run for my kenny rogers urbanite run for 15kms, and "officially" breaking my nike lunar glides. is there an official/non-official session to break a shoe?

anyway, here it goes.

experience. i ran from home, then criss-crossing legaspi village. after the reaching makati ave, i i entered the ayala center then off to the overpass of ayala to mckinley road. that was already a good 9kms, fyi. mckinley road is another strip of around 2-kms, where i turned right after reaching lawton ave/5th ave. from there i went to mckinley hill then went back to mckinley road to finish my 15km run.

i felt some discomfort at the start, but after a 2km warm-up, i tightened my laces. it felt better afterwards.

  • i learned to love its techno blue-violet/stabilobos neon yellow green/medium gray color combo
  • i love the soft-bouncy ride when i'm running on asphalt
  • when i'm concrete, i feel i'm more cushioned compared to my air span+ 5. though i think the vomero does offer me the same cushion too.
  • i think i can run faster with this pair
  • just like my nike air span+ 5, i felt a blister developing in my left foot's arch near the ball of my foot. so this means i'm putting a few band aids in both areas of my left and right sole for protection. i might as well wrap a few toes too to avoid discomfort in the coming runs/races.
  • i feel some heat building up at the balls of my foot. i think there's some friction going on during my run.
  • i

there you go. i'll be posting more thoughts on my running over the next few days that i'm using this shoe.

just like run radio's slogan, "rock and run!". be their fan on FB.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

excited for september and my run on 06-aug-2009

as of writing, it's exactly 26 days, 15 hours, 54 minutes and 57 seconds 'till I leave for the Lion City!

Sentosa, Vivo city, Orchard, Bugis, Novena, Botanical Gardens.... and many more, here I come!!!

and actually, two things made fueled my excitement today.

1. i bought a pair of lunar glides (finally!) just in time for Kenny Roger's Urbanite Run. the rains made is extra difficult for Manila-based runners to run out in the open. but i just had to break my new pair of kicks, so i went to the gym and did a 7.9km run using the treadmill.

here's mr lunar glides for everyone to see.
for those who haven't registered yet, you have until august 11. but hey i seriously ask you to register asap since the race has limited slots. 3,000 runners only, i think.

2. since i'm leaving for Singapore, i just had to race there! i registered the Mizuno Wave Run 2009. there's only one distance, which is the 10-miler or about 16kms. the race will be on sept 13, 2009 and will be held at nanyang polytechnic center, about 3 train stations away from our place.

i choked when i saw the registration fee. SG$ 45.00!!! yikes! that's roughly 1,500 php. the race pack includes a singlet, a racing chip that's high-technically embedded in the racing bib and a mizuno bag!!! i guess that's quite okay given the steep registration fee.

but hey, if i won't be there to do the SG Marathon on dec 6, i might as well grab this opportunity. a big shout-out to @outednarnian who has registered for this and @jamiedavinci who's contemplating on doing this. i hope i'll join you guys for 21k.

that's it for now! i'll be doing my practice (note: loooong) run for my kenny's 15K run about a week from now on saturday. and of course, using mr lunar glides. i'll review the experience after.

P.S. @outednarnian, sama ka na sa saturday! we'll run from the fort to makati and back. then let's chow at salcedo market after. let's text @misterheuge to join us.

Monday, August 3, 2009

my run on 02-aug-2009

'twas my first time running in UP diliman, where i ran around 7K with the boys!!! and i'm so happy to run with them.

we're calling ourselves RAINBOW RUNNERS!

'twas my first time to run with @misterheuge, @jamiedavinci, @outednarnian, @theo0629, @jaybeecc and @jcfontsize. @thelettere didn't run though, as he had to study for his classes. moral support for his misterheuge na lang. how sweet!

we then grab quick bite at mcdo at eastwood mall. i just had to reward myself with a quarter pounder, twister fries and a blue sprite float. we caught the orphan afterwards. a psycho woman who's actually 33 y/o in a body of a 9 y/o girl as she has hypo-thyrodism. hope i got that right. finally, we had froyo at red mango. masarap pala the frozen yogurt as i had it with blueberries and peaches. double yum!

and it was my first time at eastwood mall. ang ganda dun!

run with me some more!

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