Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Why the Lion City?

What do I like in Singapore? Why?

1. The organized chaos.
I learned about organized chaos through a good friend before. He was my ex and he was a physicist. Anyway, let's just put it this way. Nothing and no one seems still, especially around Orchard. Everyone's just rushing to somewhere. They get in and out of the train. walking fast to their destination/s. And speaking of trains, I love the taking the rail here. You'll know how long it'll take you to commute to your destination; you'll know how long it'll take for the next train to arrive. I love it's predictability.

2. "Healthy" lifestyle.
The government has imposed this huge tax on liquor and cigarettes. I think a pack of cigarettes will cost the smoker around 5-7sgd (converted, it's 150-200php). I'm not sure about beer, but I believe it's costs much more than in the PH. Besides that, the cities have their own healthy centers too. Except for the usual gyms for working out, most cities/towns have parks equipped with playgrounds designed for adults and kids. These are partnered with signs that explain how they'll be used and which group of muscles are being targetted. There are community pools too. For a dollar, you get to use the facilities and swim all you want. Now, ain't that healthy?

3. Big Asian culture in a small city.
I love to observe. A stranger in a strange city. I love being immersed in their day to day activities. I would like to learn their language. My sister said to watch the local TV shows so I get to understand their slangs and how they talk. The comedies are quite silly but enjoyable. And oh, they have a local Singapore Idol too! Hehe. Most of all, I like trying their cuisine. My favorite so far is Persian and Thai. So that's Persian, Thai, Indian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Indonesian cultures all in one small island. Tell me if I missed one. Singapore's as big as Guimaras island. Now, that's amazing!

These are the top 3 things I love about Singapore. I knew about these a couple of years back, and now i'm back(la) to rediscover them.

This was me --a couple of years ago in SG.

Rainbow Runner goes to Singapura

Yes, you heard that right. RR is in the Lion City... To try his luck.

I traded Manila for Singapore about a couple of weeks ago. I had this trip on my calendar for a few months now. Started when my sister (living here in SG) bought me a roundtrip ticket in Cebu Pacific's airline seat sale. My return is on the 26th. But that might not be true. Now that my sister (based here, and a PR already) and my parents tell me to extend my stay. And i sorta agree with them.

You see, the purpose of flying here is to try my luck -- career wise. And yes, I quit my job in Manila. A big risk you might say, and a risk I'm willing to take. I'm 24. Young and willing re-start what I have founded 3 years ago after finishing school. I met a couple of friends who're here and they're telling me to stay too. It might be difficult to land a job but stay positive. For the same effort I do (in Manila), I will earn 2x-3x more. Now, doesn't that sound good?

Downside though, I miss my friends and family. I miss N.

Wish me luck friends. I need it. :-)

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