Friday, March 6, 2009

my run on 07-mar-2009

wooooooot! had a 9.5KM run this morning... and i feeeeel geeewd!

i had the same route like last saturday. only this time, i extended my run all the way to luneta park. i also didn't stop when i was at ccp. i went all the way to buendia/roxas blvd and started to slow down at the department of foreign affairs area.

as i bade bye-bye to jose's home, i went for a much needed hydration break at a nearby 7-11 along UN Ave. i went in to buy a drink, then off i go again! i wasn't able to buy a hydration pack pa. nike's hydration waist pack is so darn expensive, so i might settle for mizuno's endurabelt lite for now.

i saw jamie earlier! he tweet-ed that he'll be running daw. keep it up jamie! ang aga mo at ang haba na nang tinakbo mo!

yun lang pow... 

run with me some more!

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