Monday, June 22, 2009

my run on 23-jun-2009

i wasn't able to find my nike+ receiver for my ipod. i rummaged through my things but still, i didn't find it.

i added another kilometer to my usual route. runner's world says it's 7.5kilometers which i finished in about 40-45 minutes.

oh, one more thing, i feel that burning sensation in my forefoot. is that friction from my feet to my shoe's soles?


Friday, June 19, 2009

my run on 20-jun-2009

i just couldn't resist running w/ my new baby.

i had to break in even though i had only a few hours of sleep.

calves feel sore now. i fell asleep after having my breakfast.

i've been waiting for so long... welcome home babe!

please welcome my new baby.

guys, meet nike air vomero+ 4.

supreme cushioning for under pronators and mid- to fore-foot runners like me. not so sweet deal though. but still i left the store with that big, big grin on my face.

i love my new nike air vomero+ 4.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

my run on 11-jun-2009 and 15-jun-2009

i forgot to post this. again. hmmmmm....

and earlier, i did an easy run. as dictated by the 21-K training manual from but my nike+ receiver just had to be uncooperative.

here's my training for weeks 1 to 4.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

on running: sunscreens/sunblocks are for running too!

i discovered tan lines on my legs after Sunday's Mizuno Time Trials similar to the photo below. the run was between 5:30am and 7am, so even that early runners are prone to sunburn.

ack! may ika-iitim pa pala ako? haha

and so, you'll find a few resources below on running outdoors and protecting your skin. this is good especially for those who do long-runs.

Runners spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun, so it's important that we take steps to protect our skin from sun exposure. Follow these tips to protect your skin from the sun when running outdoors:

  • Choose the right sunscreen. Use a waterproof sunscreen that has an SPF of at least 15 and offers broad spectrum protection, which means it protects against both UVA and UVB rays. Stick formulations are good for runners' faces because the sunscreen won't run into your eyes.
  • Run early or late. Try to avoid running between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., when the sun's intensity is at its greatest. If you must train during those hours, try to stick to shady roads or trails.
  • Wear a hat with a brim. A hat will give your face extra protection. (Although you'll still need sunscreen on your face.) It will also help absorb sweat, so the sunscreen doesn't run into your eyes.
  • Put on your sunscreen ahead of time. Slather on your sunscreen at least 20 minutes before you head out for your run. Your skin needs time to absorb the lotion.
  • Don't skip sunscreen for short runs. You can get a sunburn in as little as 15 minutes, so don't think doing a short run means you don't need sunscreen.
  • Reapply after two hours. Sunscreen starts to lose effectiveness at about the two-hour mark, or even sooner if you're sweating heavily, so you'll need to reapply if you're doing a long run or race. Carry a small tube of sunscreen or a one-use, wipe sunscreen in your pocket, so that you can reapply it to your face, neck and arms as you run.
  • Put on sunscreen before getting dressed. Make sure you cover areas of your body that you assume may be protected. Some summer running clothes are made of mesh or very thin fabric, so they might not provide protection from the sun's rays. Also, your clothes move when you run (or, if you get hot, you may choose to take off some clothes, like your shirt). So it's best to make sure you're fully covered with sunscreen.
  • Wear shades. A good pair of UV-blocking running sunglasses give your face more protection and also help protect your eyes from the sun's damaging rays.

Monday, June 8, 2009

what's on 1/10/2010???

BEAT IT! I saaaay BEAT IT!
Mark your calendars, ladies and gents... It's officially RACE DAY!
You may see the latest information from MIZUNO PH, as of writing, to know more about RACE DAY.

Infinity Run Race Day 1.10.10
Posted: June 07, 2009

Get ready to BEAT YOUR TIME!!!


1) REGISTRATION will start on October 2009
2) VENUE: 28th street, behind the NBC Tent, bound by the 7th avenue.
3) DATE: Assembly time: 5:00 a.m., January 10, 2010


1) Must be an infinity Run 2009 TIME TRIALS Registrant.
2) Infinity Run 2009 TIME TRIALS results will determine time category for RACE DAY.
3) Distance category should be the same as Infinity Run 2009 TIME TRIALS

*Open category for new participants. TIME TRIALS FOR INFINITY RUN 2011.

Present INFINITY RUN 2009 TIME TRIALS race bib to avail discounted registration fee for INFINITY RUN RACE DAY 01.10.10


i'm 148th out of 858!


i'm 148th!

and so the back (and LEG!!!) pains i'm having now

and the gashes i found after taking a bath,


SEE YOU ON JAN 10, 2010!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

run: new gear --- not running gear but running blog!

oh yes! i'll have a major gear facelift soon! my running blog that is.

here's a preview of my would-be running blog.

you like? drop a comment or two.

my mizuno infinity run 7-jun-2009

man, that was good! that's all i can say.

i thought i couldn't do it. i thought i'd give up after 10kilometers on my feet. i thought my shins would act up. but hey, i'm here and blogging about how i finished my 15K! :-)

my mind's in a ramble now. i'm directly writing what i'm thinking. so please pardon the lack of cohesiveness of my thoughts.

i actually started strong. but my thighs started to give up halfway through the race. i should take the thigh-track in body pump seriously now. i passed by senator pia cayetano at the start of the race. i tried to conserve the water in my belt by drinking at the water stations.i was so happy to see a gatorade station in front of rcbc tower in buendia. just as we were crossing south super highway, i zoomed passed coach rio who's pacing with big tycoon zobel de ayala. (i noticed he was wearing the nike vomero's that i really, really wanted. hey, it's loose change for him. hihi). after the turnaround point at bautista-buendia makati, they picked up their pace and passed by me. nyek. i thought it was my time to beat them. a little bit more i noticed ms tessa prieto valdez too! a little further, joining the 10km category, i saw miss jaja and cheza. no more familiar faces after that. but there was a big smile on my face. i was just really happy that i was on my way back.

i was around the 9th-km mark when i took an energy gel from my hydration belt. i hope it did help me in the ascend at the buendia flyover. and oh, before the run i took an energy gel, mixed with water for faster absorption (thanks for the tip, jojo!) and before i went to boni high street, i popped a couple of enervon-c capsulets and a couple of advils.

i finally saw the finish line! i just started to dash my way while shouting with joy! my time, based on what i saw, was one hour and twenty-three minutes (to be confirmed).

  • seeing up-close the billboard of RnB Prince, JR, along EDSA with nothing but jacket and briefs. eeep! i was on my way back when i glanced at it quite longer than the usual glance. kahiya, lumalabas tuloy.
  • finally having a photo-op session after the race. thanks to cheza and ryan. we were posing at the finish line, behind the mizuno board, etc. i never had any race picture taken. maybe because i'm always alone in these running events. i will have to ask the photos from cheza and upload 'em here in a separate post.
  • someone at the gym recognized me and asked if i was the owner of this blog. oh wow! thank you again, i was really stupid not to ask for your name, fellow runner and gym-mate. i was actually quite surprised that you recognized me. thanks again! and do drop a comment here.
  • my nike+ kit zonked out. my ipod was working. it was more of the receiver acting up. hey! i thought that the mercury retrograde was over!

props to Narnian who also finished his first 15K earlier. i'm faster than you dude-pare-tsong-bro!

before i forget, a big shout-out to Him for blessing me with good health, supportive family and friends and a thumbs-up financial backing to get the gear that i need (sana gear that i want too!).

what's a great reward for a runner who's done a great run?

more running gear! i bought a no-show elite running cushioned socks after mass! yay! cheers to running!

oh vomero's, i'm looking at you now. you're my next target!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

mizuno infinity run 2009 outfit!

and i'll be blazing on the road this sunday! i'm afraid someone might cheer out, "Ponkan na ponkan!" (Oh well, at least someone cheered for me!)

orange shirt.

compression shorts
air span+ 4

not in the photos are the cushioned elite running socks, white cap, racing sunglasses and hydration belt. and oh, my ipod with nike+ kit too!

all from nike. i should be locally endorsing the brand. or at least get discounts.

and if you ask why Ponkan na ponkan, see video from YouTube.COM below.

my run on 4-june-2009 and u.s. national running day

Ran earlier but the super-duper heavy rains caught me. I was warming up from World Trade Center in Buendia to the CCP Complex, when suddenly the heavens poured itself upon us. Too bad, I was planning to run, EVEN if it still rains. Man, the rain drops were so big. All of the other runners took shelter at the CCP main theather driveway.

When it trickled down a bit, around 15 minutes later, I continued my run to and made a U-turn at Quirino. Ran all the way back to Macapagal Highway and ended the run at Seaside.

I feel I'm not ready for the 2009 Infinity Run's 15K.

Meanwhile... See article from Running at About.COM.

Run! It's National Running Day!

Today is the inaugural National Running Day in the U.S., and I've talked to lots of runners -- from beginners to veterans -- who are planning on running today (many of them would be running whether it was National Running Day or not!) There are lots of organized runs happening today all over the country. If you can't join in one of those, try to get out on the roads, track, trails, or treadmill for a mile or two and think about all the great reasons to run.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

my run on 1-june-2009

i totally forgot to post this one.

i ran on the treadmill after my body pump class at fitness first in mall of asia.

run with me some more!

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