Wednesday, June 3, 2009

my run on 4-june-2009 and u.s. national running day

Ran earlier but the super-duper heavy rains caught me. I was warming up from World Trade Center in Buendia to the CCP Complex, when suddenly the heavens poured itself upon us. Too bad, I was planning to run, EVEN if it still rains. Man, the rain drops were so big. All of the other runners took shelter at the CCP main theather driveway.

When it trickled down a bit, around 15 minutes later, I continued my run to and made a U-turn at Quirino. Ran all the way back to Macapagal Highway and ended the run at Seaside.

I feel I'm not ready for the 2009 Infinity Run's 15K.

Meanwhile... See article from Running at About.COM.

Run! It's National Running Day!

Today is the inaugural National Running Day in the U.S., and I've talked to lots of runners -- from beginners to veterans -- who are planning on running today (many of them would be running whether it was National Running Day or not!) There are lots of organized runs happening today all over the country. If you can't join in one of those, try to get out on the roads, track, trails, or treadmill for a mile or two and think about all the great reasons to run.

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