Thursday, May 28, 2009

running: tips on running on the beach

summer's about to end here in the philippines. one last hurrah for those who're heading to the beach. here's something from in running. enjoy your run!

Running on the beach can not only be a peaceful, beautiful running experience, but it can also help make you a stronger runner. Running in the sand, especially dry sand, is tougher than running on pavement, so you'll definitely work harder on the beach. But being able to jump in the water after you're finished will make it worth your effort. Here are some tips for running on the beach:

  • Start on wet sand.
If you're new to beach running, start out on wet, firm sand -- it's much easier to run on than the soft, dry sand. You can slowly add 2 or 3-minute intervals on the softer sand, with longer recoveries on the wet sand. As you get used to the dry sand, you can start running on it for longer stretches.
  • Stick to flat ground.
Avoid running along a beach that's sloped because it can lead to injuries in your knees and ankles.
  • Don't expect to run your usual pace.
Again, running on the beach is harder than running on the pavement or on a treadmill, so you'll need to slow down. Don't overdo it.
  • Stay hydrated.
To prevent dehydration and other heat-related illnesses, make sure you hydrate properlyand have plenty of water available. If there aren't any water fountains, you'll need to carry water or at least some cash to buy bottled water.
  • Protect your skin.
Running on the beach usually means that you're in direct sunlight, so make sure you protect your skin with a sunscreen of at least SPF 15. Try to avoid running between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., when the sun's intensity is at its greatest.
Sun Protection Tips for Runners
  • Ease into barefoot running.
Barefoot running is a good way to build up strength in your feet. But because we're used to wearing shoes all the time, our feet are not nearly as strong as they could be. If you start running barefoot on the beach too fast or too frequently, you could injure yourself. Start out with short runs -- just 15 minutes or so -- to build up some strength in your feet. And, of course, be on the lookout for broken glass and sea shells.
  • Have a pair of beach running shoes.
There aren't specific shoes made for beach running, but you're better off dedicating a pair of your running shoes for beach runs. That way, you don't have to bother trying to get all the sand out of your shoes after your runs.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

my run on 28-may-2009

yay! i did an 11K run at ccp-roxas boulevard and back to marcos highway this morning.

of course, i'm not sure if my nike+ is accurate, but still i'm happy that i ran this morning. earth run 2009 and mizuno infinity run, here i come!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

my run on 21-may-2009

i was to claim my free massage from the bull runner last thursday, but i didn't catch her.

luckily, i have my running gear with me so off i went to ff-boni. i managed a few rounds around boni high street and felt my the soles of my feet warming up. the ground was still a bit hot from the afternoon sun. that really affirmed my liking to running during early morning.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

running: on half-marathon training

since i mentioned earlier that i'm gonna share relevant running information to the readers of this blog, lemme start today.

below is a Q&A with coach jay from the nike plus blog, inside nike running. it's really relevant for me since i'm starting to increase my mileage, and ultimately (and hopefully) run a half-marathon before the 2009 ends.

see below.

Hello Coach,
I just ran the Country Music Half Marathon in Nashville in a time of 1:55. I didn’t really train besides running 10 to 13 miles three to four times a week. I really want to improve my time. When and what training do I need to do so I can be ready for next year’s half marathon?
Thanks Coach,

Hi Kevin,

Wow, what an interesting email. My first thought? You need to be particular about your running routes and make sure they are truly 10 and 13 miles. You can obviously use Nike+ to do this or you can use some type of mapping software. Regardless, you should go back and map out your runs. If you’re off by even a half-mile on a 10+ mile run, it will significantly impact your pace.

Second, if you complete three runs per week at the distances you listed below that’s FANTASTIC work. You just have to work a little smarter and harder. You ran at about an 8:45 mile pace for the half marathon. That makes the ‘track math’ for a faster race as easy as an 8:00 minute pace. That’s simply 2:00 per lap (400m) or 1:00 per half lap (200m). So, find a local track to start and end your workout from. You can do a 10 mile run on local roads near the track, running easy for 3 miles, then running the next 3 miles at a pace that is comfortable but not easy, and ending at a local track. Once you’re at the track, do this succession: run 4 laps at 2:00 a lap for an 8:00 minute mile, jog 400m SLOWLY, run another mile in 8:00 minutes, jog 400m slowly, run a final mile in 8:00 minutes and then finally jog 800m-1,600m as your cool down. This will help you get a feel for the 8:00 minute pace, which is just under 1:45 for a half marathon. It will also help you learn how to run a little faster in training, even when you’re tired.

Finally, consider adding a longer long run in each week. 15 or 16 miles is not unrealistic for someone with your running background. Also, you can see if you can make the last 20-30 minutes of the run your goal half marathon pace.

The number of quality days you have are fine and you don’t need to change that, but you do need to do some running at your goal half marathon pace, even if it’s in your 10 to 13 mile training runs.

Good luck Kevin and thanks for the intriguing question.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

my run on 14-may-2009

i'm officially making a comeback!!!
ran a good 9.8kms according to my nike+ counter, which i honestly think isn't accurate. i just enjoyed my run. started at don bosco pasay road, all the way up to edsa. at edsa, took a left to hotel dusit thani to ayala. ayala to makati ave, then circled around the streets of salcedo village.

i manage to run for a good 35mins, then changed my song to All American Rejects' 20-minute speed workout. i had 8-speed one-minute speed bursts and a half-minute recovery. i think i would have been better running on a track for that kind of training.

download your AAR workout music here.

oh, an update. my shins don't hurt much anymore. i think it has something to do with the lacing of my shoes as well. i also do a forefoot strike/landing so my quads and calves get the action.

and starting now. i'm gonna share what i'm learning from the net.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

my run on 05-may-2009

after almost two months of avoiding runs, i ran this morning!

a good 5K revved up the running machine in me! i'm really concentrating on landing on my forefoot to avoid stress on my shins, which i think worked! i wasn't experiencing any shin pain earlier. but i have to honestly say that i popped an advil before my run just in case. boohoo..
but still, i ran this morning. and i'm really happy that i did it!

and oh, i got my Nike+ Milestone today too! i logged in a total of 250K ever since i started using it. but of course, i ran more than 250K than this record. i'm just happy to have this achievement though.

wanna see my certificate? click this link.


run with me some more!

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