Wednesday, May 13, 2009

my run on 14-may-2009

i'm officially making a comeback!!!
ran a good 9.8kms according to my nike+ counter, which i honestly think isn't accurate. i just enjoyed my run. started at don bosco pasay road, all the way up to edsa. at edsa, took a left to hotel dusit thani to ayala. ayala to makati ave, then circled around the streets of salcedo village.

i manage to run for a good 35mins, then changed my song to All American Rejects' 20-minute speed workout. i had 8-speed one-minute speed bursts and a half-minute recovery. i think i would have been better running on a track for that kind of training.

download your AAR workout music here.

oh, an update. my shins don't hurt much anymore. i think it has something to do with the lacing of my shoes as well. i also do a forefoot strike/landing so my quads and calves get the action.

and starting now. i'm gonna share what i'm learning from the net.

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