Tuesday, May 5, 2009

my run on 05-may-2009

after almost two months of avoiding runs, i ran this morning!

a good 5K revved up the running machine in me! i'm really concentrating on landing on my forefoot to avoid stress on my shins, which i think worked! i wasn't experiencing any shin pain earlier. but i have to honestly say that i popped an advil before my run just in case. boohoo..
but still, i ran this morning. and i'm really happy that i did it!

and oh, i got my Nike+ Milestone today too! i logged in a total of 250K ever since i started using it. but of course, i ran more than 250K than this record. i'm just happy to have this achievement though.

wanna see my certificate? click this link.


run with me some more!

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