Monday, August 3, 2009

my run on 02-aug-2009

'twas my first time running in UP diliman, where i ran around 7K with the boys!!! and i'm so happy to run with them.

we're calling ourselves RAINBOW RUNNERS!

'twas my first time to run with @misterheuge, @jamiedavinci, @outednarnian, @theo0629, @jaybeecc and @jcfontsize. @thelettere didn't run though, as he had to study for his classes. moral support for his misterheuge na lang. how sweet!

we then grab quick bite at mcdo at eastwood mall. i just had to reward myself with a quarter pounder, twister fries and a blue sprite float. we caught the orphan afterwards. a psycho woman who's actually 33 y/o in a body of a 9 y/o girl as she has hypo-thyrodism. hope i got that right. finally, we had froyo at red mango. masarap pala the frozen yogurt as i had it with blueberries and peaches. double yum!

and it was my first time at eastwood mall. ang ganda dun!

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