Thursday, August 6, 2009

excited for september and my run on 06-aug-2009

as of writing, it's exactly 26 days, 15 hours, 54 minutes and 57 seconds 'till I leave for the Lion City!

Sentosa, Vivo city, Orchard, Bugis, Novena, Botanical Gardens.... and many more, here I come!!!

and actually, two things made fueled my excitement today.

1. i bought a pair of lunar glides (finally!) just in time for Kenny Roger's Urbanite Run. the rains made is extra difficult for Manila-based runners to run out in the open. but i just had to break my new pair of kicks, so i went to the gym and did a 7.9km run using the treadmill.

here's mr lunar glides for everyone to see.
for those who haven't registered yet, you have until august 11. but hey i seriously ask you to register asap since the race has limited slots. 3,000 runners only, i think.

2. since i'm leaving for Singapore, i just had to race there! i registered the Mizuno Wave Run 2009. there's only one distance, which is the 10-miler or about 16kms. the race will be on sept 13, 2009 and will be held at nanyang polytechnic center, about 3 train stations away from our place.

i choked when i saw the registration fee. SG$ 45.00!!! yikes! that's roughly 1,500 php. the race pack includes a singlet, a racing chip that's high-technically embedded in the racing bib and a mizuno bag!!! i guess that's quite okay given the steep registration fee.

but hey, if i won't be there to do the SG Marathon on dec 6, i might as well grab this opportunity. a big shout-out to @outednarnian who has registered for this and @jamiedavinci who's contemplating on doing this. i hope i'll join you guys for 21k.

that's it for now! i'll be doing my practice (note: loooong) run for my kenny's 15K run about a week from now on saturday. and of course, using mr lunar glides. i'll review the experience after.

P.S. @outednarnian, sama ka na sa saturday! we'll run from the fort to makati and back. then let's chow at salcedo market after. let's text @misterheuge to join us.

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