Friday, February 27, 2009

my run on 28-feb-2009

my longest run, to date!

gaaaaaaaad! i looooove the feeling! started my warm-up at buendia, then i paused at picc to stretch. i ran around around ccp, then turned left to roxas boulevard. baywalk had it's share of fitness enthusiasts! moms doing aerobics and fellow runners are all over the place! parang fiesta lang! i went back the same route, back to ccp. a total of 7.5K, done in 45minutes! whew! that means i can do a 10K in an hour or so! woooooooow!

i kept my pace, as much a possible, steady to build up my endurance as advised by miss jaja. i would have hesitated running this route, because unlike running around makati-cbd, baywalk doesn't have it's abundance of 7-11s and mini-stops.  i need to buy that nike hydration belt with cute water bottles in it! or that nike belted hydration pack! or those from camelback for running! here goes another payday, or bonus!

anyway, thanks Cheza for suggesting this route.

i'm back on my game!

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