Sunday, March 22, 2009

my run on 22-mar-2009

stiffness in my legs makes me walk funny today... i can't use my salon pas at the office, so advil is my bestfriend for now. wish i had a massage yesterday, it ought to lessen the muscle stiffness i'm having now...

but it was worth it!

i didn't run the 21K skyway run, but the 10K route passing through the the fort-edsa-buendia flyover was the nearest i got to the skies. i'm so happy i did that.

my misses:
  • forgetting to put adhesive bandage on my right sole, resulting to a blister from my shoe... it was quite painful at the 7th km onwards
  • always training on flatlands, resulting to difficulty in ascending the flyover at buendia
  • not winning on any of the door prizes (kahet 1000-php Nike GC man lang...)
so worth it:
  • running so free and adrenaline pumping
  • seeing the dawning metro manila sun on top of the flyover
  • meeting a couple of dogs doing the 5K (they even have turn-point ribbons with them!!!)
  • feeling so proud to those who did the 21K (one day, i'm gonna do the same!)
  • wearing super-duper short running shorts (see photo below)! haha! alavet!

my purchases at nike outlet at sta. rosa laguna the day prior the race... more gear! alavet more!

a couple of nike running shorts for 300php each!

nike hydration belt for spring '07 it costs 1800 at nike stores by half the price at the outlet

shoe wallet on runs where my shorts doesn't have a pocket... only php303

yay! what i wore for condura run

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