Sunday, March 8, 2009


... is my theme for today, and for the rest of Mondays to come. come to think of it, most of us dread mondays. it's the thought of going back to work, or school, that makes us want to avoid mondays. ambilis palagi nang weekend.  

and 'cause i didn't run earlier. i actually woke up at the sound of my alarm, but chose to ignore it. i'll run tomorrow instead.

and to all who're in-, i'm dedicating a song tp all of you. i placed my iTunes in shuffle-mode and this came up. it's from Disney's animated movie, Hercules. i bought the movie's soundtrack when i was in grade-6. then my sister took it from me. it never came back... this is my favorite song-- #2 lang si Go The Distance.

and this also goes to Lance-- who's telling his own fairytale in his blog as i was doing my daily blog roll... Oi, Lance, tulala ka palagi sa gym.

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