Saturday, March 14, 2009

my run on 15-mar-2009: at Tagaytay!

it's pay-day weekend!!!

we were off to Tagaytay, and we did an almost 10K run. saraaaaap! the hills gave me my much needed leg-work. it was an exhilirating first time! there was heavy drizzling while we were running. plus, the tagaytay winds were quite strong. i think my sweat dried off as soon as they left my pores. it was also my first time to encounter fog all over the place! running with full moon at the baywalk just came in second compared to the captivating view of Taal Lake! we hope to run at Tagaytay at least once a month. 

i'm soooo ready for the condura run!

after a quick jolibee breakfast, i bought a rose cactus for 50-bucks only at a nearby garden. the ate said it's watered once a week only, so i think this one's perfect for me. i fell in love with its green-ish leaves arranged as rose petals. the ate also said that it grow babies with it's offsprings having their own roots. i'll have to look for a shallow yet wide clay pot for this one. let us see in a few months if i have the green-thumb like my nanay and my mamang does.

i could have gotten a bonsai too, but my place at the office is nowhere near a window/sunlight. maintaining it maybe difficult at this time. 


  1. OMG! these are breathtaking photos. tnx for posting. let me just ask the first pic is this the same view you'll see if you are in peoples freedom park, am i correct?

  2. yes! that's the view, altho i just got it from the source above.

    p.s. wow! ur the first every comment-er on my blog. :-) i appreciate it.

  3. its nice isn't, i just don't like it much though coz its either foggy or raining in there

  4. im looking for a running route south of metro, and tagaytay is one option. what route did you take? where did you take off? thanks!


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