Tuesday, March 31, 2009

oh! men vs women!

ooooooh! this i sooooo love!

this is a re-post from a favorite blog of mine, ohlalamag.com.



Why is Eva Longoria throwing Tony Parker's running shows in the Canyon from their Hollywood Hills mansion !?


Don't worry it's all good between those two, Eva just wanted to help women to win the Nike Plus Challenge 
bien sur! Unless Eva Longoria is running with her high heel shoes then I don't get why Tony Parker through them out of the window too ... Come on Tony you gotta to stop her from running not shopping on Rodeo Drive ;-)

This European marketing campaign 'Men vs Women Challenge' starting on March 13 and ending on April 20 is the world’s largest running club Nike Plus will register the kilometers of men and women who join an official Men vs. Women online running challenge using the Nike+ system.


Launched in 2006,
Nike+ allows Nike+ running shoes to transmit data wirelessly to an iPod nano, an iPod touch or Nike+ SportBand. Information on time, distance, pace and calories burned during a run.


The Men vs. Women campaign features a television ad that star Roger Federer, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Tony Parker and Eva Longoria Parker, Paula Radcliffe, Sofia Boutella and Fernando Torres.

View photos from the campaign and the making of the campaign HERE.

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