Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 02: 4 miles, hills around Nassim Road and Botanical Gardens

Every Wednesday, for the first half of the training, is devoted to training in hills. Yes, HILLS; not heels, as in the part of the human foot, or the back portion of women's footwear.

I remember when @MkSurf8 took me to Dempsey Hill for breakfast after the Timex Race, and there was lush greenery and rolling hills as we were heading to Jones the Grocer. Imagine Baguio Country Club and Camp John Hay in Singapore. Warmer of course and lots of joggers, even at noon time! That inspired me to do my hills training around the area. Thanks to Livestrong.COM, I also found a few routes around Singapore where there are hills to run around.

Let me also say that the routes I run are either, (a) near any branch of my gym – Fitness First, or (b) starts and ends at my place in Yishun. The former is a must so I can keep my things at my locker while I go out for a run.

So, I found and modified a 4-mile route that now starts at Orchard corner Grange Roads, where Paragon Shopping Center is, and where FF-Paragon at the 8th level is housed.

I went all the way down to Tanglin road from Orchard road. Starting from Shaw and Wheelock, I'd like to believe that this is the "old Orchard" shopping alley. Less-crowded malls and classy hotels are seen in this area. I then ran up a smooth incline along Nassim road, where I passed by the Philippine Embassy. Further up, I entered Cluny Gate of Botanical Gardens. It was getting a little dark so I had a difficult time navigating through the park. It was so serene inside. Lots of runners are training there too, but I was in awe of the never-ending hills that go up and down. I totally forgot about my quads that started to ache.

When I finally reached the Tanglin gate, I checked my Nike+ Sportsband and I did 3+ miles already! And my run was nowhere done! I exited the park, and went up the incline along Tanglin road, back to Orchard road. I passed by people going home from the office or catching dinner, al fresco.

Check out my route HERE.

I finished my run after a little after the 5th mile. This must be because I got lost inside Botanical Gardens, which I don't mind at all! I loved it there and I won't get bored running in that area. 'til next week, I'm increasing my mileage to 5-miles.

How about you, do you have routes that you like?

P.S. I miss McKinley Hills, near Venezia. Killer "hi(e)lls" around that area :-)

Photo Credit to user: Saucy Pan 


  1. that's so true! mckinley was so difficult. but i think i'm going to train there more often.

  2. "Yes, HILLS; not heels"

    Ok, that was LOL. It would be interesting to see anyone try training in heels though.

  3. @narnian go gurl! i long for those high inclines 'coz they'll make us stronger!

    @fickle cattle Yes! imagine me in this guy's place -


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