Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Feeling good, doing good!

Ola mi amigos!

I have been busy with work. (Yeah, right!) And I haven’t written a post in ages. 

My 3-4x a week attendance of BodyPump classes and weekends of Dragon Boat training has paid off pretty well! Our team bagged Silver and Bronze medals in a recent Dragon Boat race. Yay! 

I was the drummer here!

Woot! Two medals!

I've also been following a training calendar for running too! I run 3-4x a week as well. Long runs are reserved for weekends. Weekdays are my recovery runs, interval/tempo runs and strides. I tell you, these are really beneficial for runners. I've always thought they were fancy training but it really helped me a lot. Take your interval runs, seriously. And for endurance or long-distance runners, be sure not to skip the long runs. 

I just recently completed a Half-Marathon race organized by Tri-Factor. The race was the Timex TRI-Run 2010, and it's part of a series of races which will conclude with a TriAthlon race this October. I don't think I'm ready for that yet.

I finished the race in a record 1:55:31! I'm so happy!

Fellow blogger/Twitter fanatic, @MkSurf8, also ran. He joined the 10K race and finished the run before the 1-hour mark! Congratulations to you, Sis! :-D And thanks, @MkSurf8 for bringing me to Dempsey Hill. I had a great filling brunch there!

Very yummy filling Classic English breakfast for only $20! 
(And oh, they got yummy servers too!)

'Till next time!


  1. gleng gleng naten! hahaha

    @narnian, let's go to dempsey too =)

  2. @narnian miss you girl! let's kick some ass this SCMS 2010! and have big, big brunch at Dempsey hill afterwards!

    @MkSurf8 oist! let's go for a long run when you're back!


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