Thursday, December 24, 2009

Now I know what I want for Christmas

"The epiphany is the most pleasurable sensation known to man..." That was a twitter post from @helloluis, a computer geek I follow. I find it memorable because of the second part of the post, which I had to cut since it's r-18 for this public post. Complete tweet here.

Anyway, the past two years of my life had been rocky. Yes, I was blessed with meeting persons whom I look up to and the un-ending support of my family and friends. But this last quarter of 2009, I think I have grown mature as an adult, as a son and as a friend. While I was doing (swimming) laps earlier, I had a Christmas epiphany. I do not know what came to me, it must be the rushing/calming waters going through the sides of my head that I started to have one. And since I'm reaching my quarter-life in a few days, I think 'tis about time that I had this realization. This realization I had to share as five Christmas wishes.

Let me start off with:
  • Good Health to do and finish the things I need to and want to in life
  • The Strength to avoid mental/physical/spiritual injuries. May this also be part of...
  • The Wisdom to make the decisions that will make me a better person/man, son/brother and, friend/parter.
  • Happiness (plus that genuine, pearly-white smile) to spread to my family, friends, colleagues and yes, even strangers.
  • And finally the Unconditional Love to the person/s I'm offering it to. I'm not seeking any in return, but perhaps to be loved as well. And I quote Toulouse-Lautrec from Moulin Rouge, "the greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love and be loved in return."

To end this Christmas post, a good friend once asked me, "Why is it always easy for me to move on (after break-ups) and find another?" I simply answered, "I was ushered to this world with so much love, and now I have this so much love to give."

Happy Christmas everyone!

Oh, pahabol. To those who can afford, I'm still welcoming MATERIAL gifts. Anytime and any form of delivery, I still welcome.
*GCs from Topman, Zara, Aldo/Pedro and/or Swatch
*Running shoes, Asics Gel-Kayano 15 in white/brass/black size US8/Japan41
*Macbook 15" white, the latest release
*and the Canon G-11

Thank you in advance, and my birthday is also on Jan03.


run with me some more!

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