Sunday, October 18, 2009

i have to go back to blogging and running, regularly.

ever since i went here, i kind fell under some sort of blog hiatus, and honestly, my running as well. i think that it's because i don't have work (yet!) so there's no routine for me to look forward to.

my typical weekday goes something like this:
  • wake up at 8/9am
  • check mail, facebook, twitter, multiply, fridae, etc
  • log-in to YM
  • maybe run or swim
  • lunch
  • errands or job application-related stuff
  • gym
  • dinner
  • catch up on TV series or read books
  • sleep

so, now... i'm finalizing the things for my life here. details to surface in this blog soon 'cause i don't want to jinx anything.

i'm looking forward to running in the Nike+ Human Race 2009 this 25th of october.

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