Friday, September 17, 2010

PowerSong: Goldfrapp's Alive (plus a surprise!)

I'm starting a new category in my blog called PowerSong!


Just like in Nike+ (how original!) are PowerSongs are songs that "helps you kick it up a notch whenever you need a burst of motivation."

So what are my PowerSongs? For the sake of content of this blog, RainbowRunner's PowerSongs are tracks that I've recently encountered and enjoyed. These songs are my personal recommendations for a run. They can be used as warm-up songs to wake-up those sleepy muscles, or jolt your system and pick-up your pace.

And so, for this week's PowerSong, I'm enjoying:

      Alive by Goldfrapp!!      

Check out the video, MP3 link and my thoughts on why this is my PowerSong for the week after the jump...

I came across this song in while t0rr3nt-ing another track.

I actually love Goldfrapp. Allison Goldfrapp is the singer/composer/keyboardist behind this brand. I have a few of her tracks in my iTunes/iPod, including the very popular Ooh La La.

(I don't really support piracy, but I support FREE music.) You can get a copy of the song here.

Anyway, check the video out. I love, love, love the 80s/aerobics era inspiration. It's so Xanadu as well! Hello there, Olivia Newton-John!
 And for local Filipino twist, hello Gretchen Barretto!
Credits to YouTube (video below) screen cap

Enjoy Gretchen and Goldfrapp's Alive!

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