Tuesday, September 7, 2010

(crazy) Day 15: staggered 12-mile long run [part 1]

I knew it was going to be a crazy day when I learned that I'm running 12 miles. And that I have a fun run on the same day. And that we're having our dragonboat training NOT on our usual place.

And it was crazier when I woke up and heard thunder rumbling. I peered out through my window, and I saw a couple flashes. Lightning. Eeek! Not a good omen.
Day 15 was my 12-mile run, or 19.32 kilometers, in our sub 4-hour training plan for the upcoming SCMS 2010.

The (not-so-fun) Fun Run

We hauled our asses to Expo MRT Station where we queued up for a free shuttle to the starting line. It was already 7:45 when the bus started rolling. 

And then, more bad luck. The bus captain, I think, took the wrong exit. We were heading towards the city. I didn't understand his conversation as it was in Chinese. But we made a U-turn somewhere at the East Coast Parkway, some 15 kilometers away from the venue, and headed back. We arrived at the venue around 8:20. The flag-off time for the 6-km Fun Run was 8:15. Sigh, we were late.

It was raining, still. They gave out disposable raincoats while we were in line to hand our respective bags to the crew in mini-trucks. These mini-trucks serve as baggage check-ins. It was actually a cool idea, to have the start and finish points at different areas. No running around a looped route. 

Kadiri. Ang basa-basa na, ang itim-itim ko pa.

Click below to

We started running, late by around 22 minutes from the gun-time. I took off my raincoat and ran in the rain. The course was a bit hilly but easy. I'm glad that the asphalt road wasn't slippery. I was also trying to avoid the puddles. We finished our run after 40+ minutes. I was kinda slow 'coz I was with my friend, who's trying out the running scene.

All smiles as the race is about to end.

What took longer than the run was that (damn) queue for baggage! The rain made the carnival grounds really, really muddy. Anyway, I don't want to go into details. I don't want to go ranting on this blog. I don't want negative vibes.

Unlocking the 2nd prison -- our memento for finishing the race
The Yellow Ribbon Prison Run is a run for a good cause.
The Yellow Ribbon Project's goals are: to create awareness of giving second chances to ex-offenders, to generate acceptance of ex-offenders and their families into the community, and, to inspire community action to support the rehabilitation and reintegration of ex-offenders. It engages the community to offer second chances to ex-offenders who sincerely want to change and hopes to inspire a ripple effect of concerted community action and ownership to support ex-offenders and their families. The website provides information on the Yellow Ribbon Fund as well as events organised to raise funds and awareness.
For more information, you may check their website: YellowRibbon.org.sg 

I don't think I'll join this race next year though.

And, I won't go buying light-colored singlets. Makes me look fat/bulky in photos. :-/

Stay tune for the second part of this blog.

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