Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Birthday @OutedNarnian

I suddenly woke up, very early Saturday morning. I couldn't get back to sleep. I wondered why... Then I remembered, it is:

Happy Birthday Guuurl!

I love you girl, and will be always rooting furr you, whereevur you urr! Heart-hugs!

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Post script.

Narnian is my sorta-best friend forever already. I bet he doesn't know it. If that's the case, then it's a one-way BFF thing. More on that later.

When I went home to Manila last April, I asked him to join me in Body Pump class, a Les Mills fitness class I follow religiously. After the class we were to go for Kaya breakfast at the nearby Kopi Roti along Ayala corner Buendia in Makati. As we're about to take our shower (not together and scrub each other's back, silly!) I noticed that he was carrying a toilet-and-bath basket. This plastic basket is usually seen with kids staying at a student's dormitory. It was what you carry to a communal bathroom, with your products. It was packed to the brim with his pampaganda. I asked him if he brings it every day to the gym when taking a shower, and he said, "Yes, of course."

To make the story short, I knew I had to help Narnian. As his one-way BFF, it's my duty and responsibility for his to take care of what others perceive of him. My now 24-year old buddy shouldn't be seen with a T&B basket. So as a big Sizzzter, I bought him this.


Take a sec to decipher.

Click on the READ MORE to know what I got Narnian 

Discretion: Contents of this bag is not included in the gift. Merely for display purposes only. :-P

It's a toiletry bag! Narnian can now place his stuff inside the bag. This is more presentable compared to the basket that I secretly loathe.


  1. kung meron lang sanang like button itong blogger. MAJOR LIKE!

    Thank you ian, the feeling is mutual. You are one of my bestest friends kahit na we're miles apart.

    I sometimes wish that you were just here so I could talk to you when I need to.

  2. I didn't know it was his birthday. Saw your title from gibbs' site. Will greet him. Thanks!

  3. @Narnian: I miss you gurl!

    @Fickle Cattle: Go go! I-cow (ikaw) na lang nakakalimot mag-greet sa kanya. LOL!


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