Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Today I was a good citizen

For my morning runs, I usually wake up at 4:40am. My phone's alarm is already programmed on days when I have training. But on this particular morning, something else woke me up. I had already hit the "disable" button when I heard a faint ringing sound of a bell.

It seemed distant at first, but it had a particular pitch that alarmed me. It sounded like that of a fire alarm drill. I quickly jumped out of bed, and opened my room's window. The ringing grew louder. I stuck my head out. I didn't see any smoke nor fire nor people scrambling out of neighboring buildings. My heart started to race.

Still the ringing continued. I went out of my room, and went to the kitchen. I usually drink a cup of Milo before I run, so I prepared the pot to boil water. Still, the ringing. I peered out of the kitchen window, I see now the two adjacent flats. The ringing grew louder, it seems it's coming from one of them. No smoke, fire or panicking people, still. Thank God.

I wasn't sure if I should be scared of seeing nothing at all, or seeing thick, dark smoke coming from one of the buildings.

The pot whistled, so I poured the freshly boiled water into my mug. I went back to my room hot drink in hand, I opened my computer. I quickly Google-ed "fire department". I clicked on the first local result. Skimming through the site, there was no useful info. No number which I can call. The site takes pride in it's awards and national service program, but stupid of them not to publish contact numbers for emergency! That should be at least in the homepage!

I Google-ed again, and I found 911. I didn't know 911's applicable here in Singapore. I think 911 should be worldwide. Governments must set up 911 as their emergency hotline.

After a couple of phone rings, someone picked up. I told the the guy in the other line of ringing. I said I didn't see smoke nor fire nor people scrambling out. Just that alarming ring, usually heard from fire drills. I gave him my address. I told him the ringing comes from the neighboring buildings. Then he said he'll have a police squad come ove and investigate.

Still a bit nervous, I finished my Milo. I changed into my running shorts and top. Slipped into my shoes. Maybe 5 minutes had passed, then the ringing stopped. Thank God!

I think it was because of me. A faint smile crept to my face. I am proud of myself. Today I was a good citizen. Not of the Philippines though, sadly. But a good citizen indeed.

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